Creating SEO Friendly website is an easy task unless you are using the wrong methodology, CMS and approach. SEO can be implemented as easily in the static website as it is in the dynamic website. Unless you have a huge website then you must be using some dynamic solution like a CMS like WordPress.

Website Structure:
Your website structure should be table less and using latest HTML and CSS. Tables were used in old days but now it is all table less. You can run your website through website speed tool to check if your website is fast enough for search engine to give priority.

Mobile Friendly:
You can run your website through a tool that Google provided to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Having a Mobile Friendly is one of the biggest factors nowadays if you want your website to rank well.

Keyword Research:
SEO starts with Keyword Research. If your keyword research is good then you will able to build a good foundation. Do good and thorough keyword research and breakdown your keywords in primary and secondary list, with primary list containing main keywords and secondary list containing long-tail keywords like 3 phrases or more than that.

Your headings game should be on point. Don’t forget to use keywords in your headings.

Meta tags:
Meta tags include meta description and meta keywords. Add your keywords into the meta description and meta keywords field.

Body Text:
Increase keyword usage frequency in your Body text. Make your sure you answer to the user’s question and use atleast 3 to 5% of keywords in your article. If you have written 100 words then 3 or 5 of the must be your keywords.

Optimize images:
Images are a good source of getting additional traffic so don’t forget to optimize your image’s alt text and description.

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