If you are an SEO, you would already know about backlinks. If you are not an SEO and come from the background of conventional marketing or you just heard the word ‘backlink’ in one of the meetings or presentations and is curious to know what is a backlink then you’ve come to the right place. In this post I will help you to understand what are backlinks and how to increase them briefly.

Backlink is the hyperlink that points to your website. An example of backlinks is this “Example“.

In other words, backlink can be defined as an “incoming link pointing to your page”. For example your website is called ABC which is located at address “” and you sell sports equipment. The website XYZ that is located at which is a blog on sports liked something on your website and decided to link to that page. The page that wants to link is located at To do this will create a link on it’s page that points to

This is how the link is created in HTML

<a href="">Football</a>
Backlinks is used by search engines algorithm as a metric to show the best results to the searchers. Website with most backlinks will rank higher in the search results on Google and Bing, but it is important that your backlinks are coming from the relevant websites. If you try to exploit this tactic by producing backlinks to your website from irrelevant websites that it could have an adverse affect on your search rankings.

Below is some common knowledge about backlinks that you should know:

Nofollow backlinks:

In the eyes of search engine, these backlinks do not create any value so the SEO value is not passed on to the links that it points to. No follow is an attribute tag that is added to the HTML. See below example.
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Football</a>

You just have to add (rel=”nofollow”) to your link to tell the search engine that this link is nofollowed.

Do follow backlinks

By default all the links are counted as dofollow links unless you add rel=nofollow tag to them, then they become nofollowed otherwise it’s a dofollow link. Dofollow links means that it passes the value to the page that it is linking.

Link Juice

It is a terminology that means the SEO value that is contained in each link that. Nofollowed links does not pass the link juice or SEO value to the website it is linking.

Some best ways to increase backlinks are:

Write articles on HubSpot and Squidoo or other websites like this and create a hyperlink containing your Keywords in Anchor Text.

Search engines can crawl PDF and PPT files therefore it is a good practice to Create PDFs and PPT files containing your hyperlinks with keywords and submit it to or other websites like this.

Submit your website to web directories. There are countless free and paid directories that you can use in this regard.

Social bookmark your website or web page on Reddit, Stumble Upon and other websites like this.

Promote your website on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Social engagement is now one of the factor that helps in ranking your website well.

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