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Technology of today’s decade is no match for the decades before it. Especially in the case of operating systems on mobile phones. We started with small sized phones with no touchscreens and a handful of apps and services. These phones got the work done but were they enough?

Today, the phones are known as smart phones and well, they are smart enough. These phones run on Android, iOS or some lesser known operating systems. The phones are powerhouses equipped with all the apps and services that you’d find on your laptop or a library, a decade back.

But there is little to say about the phones themselves and how they get glamorous each passing year, but more to say about the operating system that they run on. Android and ios have had a long term rivalry, with each trying to be better than the other.

Google’s Android is currently considered as the worlds most used operating system on mobiles. The key reasons why android leads the market is because of it customizability. Unlike Apple’s iOS, android gives you the option to customize your screen and control your apps however you want. You can install different widgets on the home screen or install third party apps which you wouldn’t be able to do on ios. Also who wouldn’t prefer an operating system they have full control over rather than an operating system (iOS) that is like the “cell wall” of a plant cell where users have no control over the software interface.

Not only this but a lot of handset manufacturers use android, and each of these manufacturers have tweaked the original android according to their need hence giving you a variety of android run phones to choose from.
Android running phones are usually cheaper than there ios counterparts but one can’t expect the same level of design or quality.

Apple’s iOS may not be that open for users in tweaking their software interface but Apple provides a better reason in buying their products, the privacy and security that comes with using their operating system. US department of homeland security reported that in 2013 about 0.7 percent of malware threats were targeted towards ios. This may be because of the fact that android has more users thus being the easy target. Also Apple users are better compared to those of android’s because of doing timely update of their software hence being safer against any malware threats.

Another reason for choosing iOS over Android would be how user friendly it is. This is because Apple makes both the hardware and the software hence making a seamless and polished connection between both which android isn’t able to achieve because their hardware and software is made by separate groups.

I think when it comes to Android or iOS and which one to go for it usually ends up at what the user is looking for.

If the user wants a cheap phone with customizability and full control over the functionality of the phone, they should go for a phone running android. If a user is looking for aesthetics, top quality design and security they should definitely go for products running iOS.

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