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 Facebook is filled with opportunities and is growing rapidly. Facebook have more than 2 billion users and it is not stopping here – this will keep on growing. Opportunities provided by Facebook to all organizations and brands is huge. Overall, Facebook’s gender demographics are evenly split. The importance of Facebook reflects in the forum that it provides for a dialogue between the customer and the brand, giving companies the opportunity to enhance customer centricity. To help you pick up the steam, our Facebook marketing expertise can teach you the tricks by going back to basics. 

Focus on the five W’s; (Who, What, Where, When, Why?) 
 – Who are you? 
 – What do you offer? 
 – Where can they find you? 
 – When are you available? And – Why would the customer want your product/service?

Facebook Page Marketing and management:

Facebook pages are the simplest way of showcasing your brand’s profile to public. Its free and incredibly flexible because of the limitless options it offers. To review the basics: your profile photo should be a picture of your logo or your latest offer and your cover should reflect any recent update. Bringing an aesthetic and friendly vibe to your page will barge in views. Another most important section is the “About” section of your page. Here, mentioning the rule of five W’s about your company and showcasing your unique USP will get your foot in the door. But remember, by default, due to Facebook’s change to algorithm not all your Facebook page followers get your updates therefore paid advertising has become an important part to promote on Facebook. Besides creative content that can go viral, paid ads are equally important to give things a push.

Research, Analysis, Strategy:

Facebook gathers a handful amount of demographic information about its users, a smart move would be to keep an eye on them. Researching the needs of your target audience will eventually help you in selling your brand. Posting the content relevant to your audience will help you in gaining more. To help you approach your target, our agency stands in front of the line. Without sound Research and detailed Analysis your strategy will be meaningless and your plan unactionable. We help you collect useful information about your own product/service, social media profile, competition and audience that eventually leads us to collaborate together in creating a wonderful strategy and plan that is actionable and performance driven. Research and planning is an important part of any successful Facebook marketing campaign. If you haven’t studied your niche, your audience and your competition and have not created a step by step plan considering user journey cycle then you cannot succeed in Facebook marketing – this is where we help you out as your Expert Facebook marketing agency partner to create strategy and plan, execute that plan and monitor your performance closely by seeing the Facebook metrics that matter. There are two main channels for marketing on facebook, first is called organic and second is called paid channel. Nowadays, due to competition and updated algorithm, Facebook marketing have become a mixture of paid and organic.

Organic Marketing:

People having a fast lifestyle these days are always looking for quick solutions. Being helpful to your audience involves understanding their goals and partnering with them to overcome challenges which is organic in nature. Be available where they already spend their time – on Facebook – and give them what they want at the time they want and our organic Facebook marketing can help you do that Organic marketing includes creating posts, images, animated gif and videos that go viral naturally, and promoting through Facebook pages and Facebook groups.

Content Creation:

Playing with visuals is easy, but we often underestimate that Facebook is powerful, and to create a content contagious in nature, is tough. To make something go viral, it must be relatable, on trend and near to the touch points of the people. A good approach is to throw something relevant to the mainstream culture. Pick social triggers of the audience to get them engaged. Content that evoke high arousal emotions gets more viral. The trick is to shape the content in the most inventive way possible.

Facebook Ad Optimization:

If you want to achieve a higher campaign ROI, lower your advertising costs and increase the number of conversions, you need to learn the rules of Facebook ad optimization. While setting up your campaign, we implement the most efficient ways to optimize your ad that results in High conversion rate, Low CPC, more likes and High CTR. We also help you to gather data on all the campaigns including best performing time of the day for your campaigns, best performing ads and more. Paid Facebook marketing includes running ads on Facebook to reach your target audience or engage your existing followers and customers. We implement many ways to expand your campaign’s reach without breaking the budget.

Best Practices, Latest trends/Technologies:

MetricStick – the Facebook Marketing Agency will go above the call of duty to ensure that we execute up-to-date trends and practices and be innovative. To be great at Facebook marketing, our agency will teach you how to manoeuvre hashtags, ads, videos, customizing your content and be engaging in the most creative way possible.


Monitoring and reporting is the next step after you’ve made a cold call. Our Agency can provide you in-depth reports with metrics that matter. In addition, we will cut corners to extend a detailed evaluation of your performance, to make sure that you land on your feet. MetricStick is a full-service Facebook marketing and management consultant providing services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Pakistan that excels in providing and delivering organic and paid campaigns through Facebook that increases engagement, user retention and most importantly – your revenue.

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Social media marketing packages

Based on your requirements and what you want to achieve, relevant social media marketing packages are created for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Social media marketing package can also be customized.
Best seller
PKR 5500
Billed Monthly
Basic strategy
Select one social media platform
25 posts/month
Content creation
Best seller
PKR 12,500
Billed Monthly
Boost Strategy
Select 3 social media platforms
100+ posts/month
Increase Followers & Likes (25,000)
Increase Sales
Monthly Content Calendar
Video Editing
Graphics Design
Website Creation (25+ pages)
Mobile Responsive
Best seller
PKR 25,000
Billed Monthly
All that’s included in Startup Package
Competitive analysis
250+ posts/month
Video Animation
eCommerce Website
Mobile App
Viral Strategy
Website Integration (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager)
SEO (25 pages)
Email Marketing (5 newsletters/month)