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Did you know that 93% of all the online experiences begin with a simple search on Google or Bing or any other search engine and 70% of those clicks go to organic search results.

It is extremely vital for any business to have good online presence on search engines such as Google because most user journeys start with online search and if you are appearing in top results then it guarantees success and profit of your business. Being on top for your search result means you get new customers every day.

MetricStick is a perfect SEO consultant providing services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

SEO takes time from 1 month to 6 months, and sometimes even a year depending on your keywords and the budget you are aiming to spend. SEO is not a one time job but to be able to maintain your rankings you need to work consistently to stay on those ranks.

You can imagine how good SEO agency can boost your business. Our SEO company in Karachi Pakistan provide SEO services for all businesses, industries and size with different SEO pricing and packages to achieve SEO results clients are comfortable with.

Our SEO Consultants only use white hat and ethical SEO practices to bring organic traffic to your website and improve rankings.

At our SEO company, our services include creating complete SEO plan, strategy, measurement and reports. Research is an integral part of our SEO which starts with researching your audience, their user intent, their phrases or keywords they use for search, your competition, backlinks of your competition, SEO analysis of your site and your competitor’s website. This helps us creating a plan and strategy that achieves the KPI and objectives of the client.

Two main components of SEO are:
i) On page optimization
ii) Off page optimization
On page optimization:
This includes all the internal parts of your website such as titles, headings, descriptions, meta tags, body text, sitemap, robot file, Google webmaster account, breadcrumbs, URL structure, site speed etc

Off page optimization:
This includes all the external aspects related to your website such as backlinks, social media following etc. Here, we make backlinks to your website from relevant directories, social media sites, forums, blogs etc

This is a list of tasks we perform while optimizing your website for SEO.

Audience Research
We do extensive research on your audience before creating your SEO plan and strategy. Audience research includes things such as what websites your audience visits, what is their behavior, what are their traits, etc

User Intent Research
In User Intent research we differentiate b/w keyword phrases and the intent behind each keyword phrase.

Keyword Research
We perform manual and automated keyword research to find the best keywords that can be utilized to produce effective ROI in a shortest amount of time.

Website Analysis
We perform a thorough analysis of your existing website, find issues that currently exist and suggestions to improve the website experience that effects user experience and rankings.

Competition Analysis
We perform a thorough analysis of your competitors and their websites such as how many backlinks their websites have, what is the relevancy, where do their backlinks come from etc.

Ranking Report
In this report, we provide you with the rankings where your website pages currently rank for different keywords.

SEO Strategy
We provide you with a complex strategy in a simple document that you are able to understand and can be implemented by any one easily. Our Strategy concludes different steps that needs to be taken to increase the website traffic and better it’s rankings.

Setting Up accounts
We setup different accounts that are required to manage your search reputation and produce reports such as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics account.

Speed Analysis
We create speed analysis report and inform you of different ways to increase your website speed.

Website Optimization
We optimize HTML of your website based on On-page SEO strategy.

Meta tags creation
MetricStick creates user friendly and search algorithm friendly meta descriptions and meta keywords tags that helps your website get found for relevant keywords.

URL Structure
Based on different URL structures we choose the URL structure that fits all your target keywords and creates best user experience for the visitor of your website.

Breadcrumb optimization
We create the SEO and User friendly breadcrumb navigation.

Body text implementation
Body text is a part of On page SEO strategy. Here, we implement keywords in your body text with a special copy of SEO Copywriting.

Alt text optimization
To get your images found, we optimize alt text of images so your images as well as pages get additional traffic.

File names upgrade
We upgrade your file names by using keyword oriented names which helps users find your .PDF, .DOC, .PPT and other files.

Sitemap creation and analysis
Based on website analysis, we create a perfect sitemap based on update frequency and pages importance.

Search hygiene report
We search indexes of different search engines for the result quality that appears for your website. E.g. If any less quality results are indexed like archives, tags, etc that doesn’t fulfill your SEO goals – we deindex those pages.

Disavowing bad backlinks
Bad backlinks can seriously harm your SEO seriously or someone can hinder your ethical SEO efforts by placing your links on spammy sites. We analyze each of your backlinks and disavow any backlinks that doesn’t meet the quality standard.

Link building
As a part of our Off page SEO, we create backlinks to your website from relevant and quality website pages.

Landing page optimization to increase Conversion rate.
Our efforts doesn’t limit us to SEO specifically, but to help you out we will go an extra mile to help your overall digital marketing efforts. We can help you increase your conversion rate by split testing different suggestions.

This is a phase by phase breakdown of SEO process.

Phase 1 – Research and Evaluation
In this phase we evaluate your website, and sitemap and do audience research, keyword research, competition analysis and competition research.

Phase 2 – Setup
In this phase, we setup your profiles such as Google Analytics, Webmaster, Social media profiles, SEO guidelines etc

Phase 3 – Implementation
In this phase, we perform keyword distribution, content creation and distribution, and other on page and off page tasks.

Phase 4 – Measurement and Reporting
In this phase, we make sure that we are tracking right parameters that relates with the client performance and setup reporting for easy client viewing such as total conversions, current rank, total traffic etc

Phase 5 – Reanalyze and Revise
In this phase we revisit all the indicators received by the performance report and revise the required SEO tasks to get the better rankings or maintain existing rankings.

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If you want to understand what is SEO and how it works, watch this video.

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