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Based on your requirements and what you want to achieve, relevant social media marketing packages are created for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Social media marketing package can also be customized.
Best seller
PKR 5500
Billed Monthly
Basic strategy
Select one social media platform
25 posts/month
Content creation
Best seller
PKR 12,500
Billed Monthly
Boost Strategy
Select 3 social media platforms
100+ posts/month
Increase Followers & Likes (25,000)
Increase Sales
Monthly Content Calendar
Video Editing
Graphics Design
Website Creation (25+ pages)
Mobile Responsive
Best seller
PKR 25,000
Billed Monthly
All that’s included in Startup Package
Competitive analysis
250+ posts/month
Video Animation
eCommerce Website
Mobile App
Viral Strategy
Website Integration (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager)
SEO (25 pages)
Email Marketing (5 newsletters/month)
Give us a Call at +92 +92 03042813135 or fill below form to get our Social media packages and get your Free Proposal along with Research and Ideas With more than a billion users on Facebook, billions of hours of videos on YouTube, millions of users on Instagram and Snapchat there is no stopping on the growth of social media and it will keep on growing in years to come. Many brands, businesses, organizations are harnessing the power of social media to increase visibility, increase sales and inquiries, keep their users engaged and measure and increase the brand loyalty. Success on social media depends on various factors such as your social appeal, how well you understand your user persona, their behavior, your content be it a video, an article or a tweet, how often you post on social media and how do you manage your reputation online. Neat and thorough social media strategy is a must whether you want to be successful at social media marketing or management. If your social media planning and strategy is not carefully crafted keeping in view user behavior, your competition and research then you cannot succeed in social media marketing, social Media management and online reputation management and at MetricStick we help you find those opportunities and utilize it to achieve your KPI and objectives. Whether you are a small business owner or run a big business, whether you belong to food and hospitality industry or an FMCG, everyone can harness the power of social media to transform their brand and organization with the right partner who can help you out in social media planning, social media strategy, social media execution and social media reporting in a social media package and pricing that suits your budget. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube is the integral part of your Internet marketing strategy. It is a multi-dimensional discipline that effects even your SEO because search engine’s algorithm take into account your social media following and engagement and social media have the potential to make or break your internet marketing strategy. How our Social media team can help you? The best social media marketing and management agency can help you not just getting huge number of likes and followers but build your reputation, engage visitors and the most important part – build your revenue stream through social media platforms.

Our social media marketing and management team can help and guide you with

Audience Research The first step before creating social media strategy, guidelines, and user persona – it is to do extensive audience research such as most common traits of your audience, their behavior, their likes, who they follow etc. After your audience research is completed we move on to next steps. User Persona Based on our research, findings and analysis – we create the most accurate image of your customers and their funnel and steps they take across the whole user experience cycle. By defining this user persona we succeed in delivering a top-notch social media strategy and guidelines to maximize conversions, engagement and ROI. SWOT Analysis We perform a thorough strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis around your product and service to come up with the best ideas and solutions to implement to achieve your objectives. Goals and KPI Before starting any campaign or managing any social media profile we set Goals and KPIs that can be achieved under your budget or what your product or services offer. Social media analysis We perform social media analysis across all the platforms that you own as well as thorough social media analysis is done on your competitor’s websites to get any critical information that can be significantly helpful in your social media campaigns whether it is organic campaign or paid campaign. Social Media Strategy Our social media strategy is carefully crafted based on the extensive research and analysis. In this strategy we outline content frequency, content schedule, response mechanism, and more. Content Creation We help you create content for text based post, videos, animated gif, engaging posts, blog posts and more. PPC Ads MetricStick creates the optimum campaigns to bring you maximum results and ROI via paid channels whether you are required to run PPC campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform. Graphics Creation MetricStick creates pretty-looking graphics for your facebook covers, backgrounds, product promotions, display pictures or any other requirement or event. Social Media Monitoring We closely monitor your social media platforms for new comments and messages and respond accordingly. Reporting and Analysis This is probably the most important part of running and managing a successful social media profile. With our advanced reporting and analysis practices we equip you with critical information and metrics that can make or break your business or give it a nice boost to increase your engagement, reputation and sales. Cross-channel Coverage MetricStick have you covered for other platforms that you want to include in your digital marketing strategy. The data and information we provide you will help you in run successful search campaign, display banner campaign, video ad campaign and mobile ad campaigns. Online Reputation Management Your reputation on the Internet is an important part to maintain your credibility. Our experts will equip you with knowledge such as who is speaking what about your brand or organization online and what actions can you take to respond to such queries or pages to maintain your reputation online. Facebook Tabs We can help you setup a mini website on your Facebook page or something that will help your business online such as interactive menu, subscription form, contact form, product details or any other useful information or app that can implemented in a Facebook tab. Dedicated Social Media Executive We assign you a dedicated social media executive who can be contacted at any time to discuss your requirements or any change of plan and our social media executive will respond you accordingly or create a plan or create necessary material to produce a related social media post that you require. Our Social media clients includes KSBL (Karachi School for Business and Leadership), SEMS Event Management, IBAGrads and Inception Jewellery. MetricStick is a Karachi based Social media agency who can take care of all your Social media marketing and management needs.


  • Increase in Sales and Inquiries
  • Increase in Engagement
  • Increase in followers and likes

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