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In this Google Adwords training course you will learn how to setup an Adwords account, what is MCC, how to create a campaign, how to do keyword research, how to setup adwords billing, what is the difference b/w search network and display network, how to promote on mobile apps, how to promote mobile apps and more.

Duration: 24 hours(3 Days)
Fees: 15,000 PKR

What is SEM/PPC?
What is Google AdWords?
Fundamentals of Google AdWords
Navigating through Google AdWords
Integrating AdWords with Analytics
Features of Google AdWords
AdWords account structure
Understanding Quality score and Auction
Setting up account
How keywords work
Keyword research
Using Google keywords planner
Choosing a campaign
Selecting your audience
How to set perfect bids
What are ad extensions
Different Ad formats
Creating text ad
Finalizing text ad
Finalizing ad group
Basic reporting
Advanced reporting
Search query report
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Rich Media Ads
YouTube ads
Setting up conversion tracking
Optimization tips
What is Remarketing
Remarketing on Display
Remarketing on search engine
Customizing landing page

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