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In this course you will learn what is Google Analytics, why is it important and how does it work and why
Google Analytics is one of the best solution available to track your website performance, you will learn about how to get Google Analytics certification from Google and more. This course is best for people who want to start their own business or want to become Google Analytics specialist.
Duration: 18 hours (3 Days)
Fees: 15,000 PKR

Day 1:
What is Web Analytics?
How Google Analytics works
How Google Analytics collects data
Setting up Google Analytics
Navigating Google Analytics
Understanding overview reports
Understanding full reports
How to share reports
How to setup dashboard and shortcuts
Understanding Realtime reports
Understanding lifetime value
Understanding Cohort Analysis

Day 2:
Understanding Audience reports
Understanding Acquisition reports
Understanding Behavior reports
Understanding experiments
How to setup views with filters
Measuring Custom Campaigns
Understanding Goals and Conversions
Setting up goals and funnels

Day 3:
Measuring Custom Campaigns
Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
Using Goals to measure business objectives
Measuring AdWords campaigns
Understand user behavior with Event Tracking
Remarketing lists

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