Get social media marketing and social media optimization training. Learn the different types of digital media marketing on social networks. Become certified expert in SMM and SMO. Whether you are a small business owner, ecommerce website owner, blogger, freelancer, content writer or anybody, this course will help you driving traffic and sales through your website and smart use of social media.

Duration: 12 hours (2 days)
Fees: 10,000 PKR

What is Social media?
Different types of Social media?
Who have the most share in Social media?
Difference b/w Social media marketing, Social media advertising and Social media optimization?
What is Branding?
Branding on Facebook
Branding on Twitter
Branding on YouTube
Branding on LinkedIn
Branding on Google+
Social Media content
Social media research
Social media tools
Tracking activity and results
Style of communication
What is a blog?
Why blogging is important?
Social media and privacy for employers
Social media policies
Social media compliance
Social media ethics
Social media privacy
Social media disclosure
Social media intellectual property
Social media security awareness
Social media for financial services
Social media monitoring
Facebook Ads
Facebook for Sales
Promote your products on Twitter
Responding to user’s needs on Twitter and Facebook
Increase YouTube Subscribers
Generating Sales through YouTube
YouTube Policy
YouTube Tools, Services, and Management
Other Video Sites