In this wordpress training course, briefly, you will get tutorials on wordpress, how to install a wordpress theme, how to install analytics on wordpress, how to secure your website, what’s a difference b/w wordpress, joomla and other CMS, what are WordPress plugins and how to install them, how does wordpress support ecommerce, how to do SEO on wordpress, what’s the best way to host your wordpress site, how to integrate your wordpress with social media websites like facebook, instagram, youtube and others.
Fees: 10,000 PKR
Duration: 20 hours (3 Days)

What is WordPress
Difference b/w WordPress, and
How WordPress works
Using the WordPress admin panel for first time
Creating posts
Content toolbar
Creating and editing links
What is the difference b/w tags and categories
Publishing and scheduling posts
Using post formats
How to handle media elements
Creating image galleries
Adding YouTube videos and other content
What is a page?
What is the difference b/w posts and pages
Using page templates
Bulk edit posts and pages
How does themes work
Customizing your theme
Creating and customizing menus
What are plugins?
How do plugins work?
Editing user profiles
Configuring general settings
Managing comments and spam
WordPress security