Our values are derived from metrics, hence the name Metric Stick. Earlier we were known as CreativeBull (BuzzLabs).

Our founder, Abdullah Khan, have more than a decade of  local and global experience, working hands-on as well as leading team of professionals and nurturing them, mostly in brand strategy, online sales, digital marketing, web development, project management, and more. 

Abdullah have worked for several fortune 100 brands and teach his expertise to 45,000+ students online.

Metrics are the essence of any business, from our creative inception to nitty gritty numbers, we believe, anything can be evaluated in both qualitative and quantitative form.

We believe our campaigns, media plans, strategy, or anything that we do to catch attention, persuade to sell or form perception must be carved from the smallest details till the top macro experience.

These digital experiences can happen with multiple touch points, not limited to few devices, but multiple channels, state of mind, frequency, time, positioning – creating the space in your intended user’s mind and you shape their online experience bit by bit but wholesomely.

Our core belief also belongs to the fact that we strive to find elixir of thought-alignment with our customers. So, it’s important that we belong to the same digital journey.

Our Alignment with you:

We provide services to align with you on different levels throughout our working journey. First level is values. Second level is Future. We believe, both should be in the harmony to channelize better outcome.

We take care of:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Integration with your process
  • Research and Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Reporting and Maintenance


Search Experience:

Otherwise known as SEO, and many other names like ASO, VoiceSO (Voice search optimization), VSO (Video search optimization). Basically helping people find you online via organic or paid means like SEM, PPC, Programmatic Advertising or now fashionably labelled as “Performance Marketing”. Yes, we do it all.

Social media:

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and many booming along. We got you covered from planning, content creation to distribution and reporting. 


We believe ecommerce is something that makes the world come even closer. It reduces barrier to entry for all participants and make things more efficient for all small and big players, helping to shape healthy environment for everyone making, buying and selling online. 


This is part of our content, earned media and media buying synergy that we drive calculated value from online communities and special individuals that our partners desire.


We are accustomed to different tools especially Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Mixpanel.